If you’re like me, then part of your morning routine for 50% of the week involves a flat iron, whether it is curling, straightening, or taming frizz. Unfortunately for us, flat irons can cause some major damage to our fragile locks. If you want to have healthy hair but also want to style it using heat, you can have the best of both worlds if you use the following tips!

  1. Prep with a smoothing shampoo: Use a heat repair shampoo and conditioner combo to prep and protect your hair. It will help replenish moisture back to it and get it ready for your next heat-styling sesh.
  2. Protect your strands: Before you heat up your hair, spray a good heat protectant on it. Pick one that protects from damage as well as smooths and adds shine. It will prevent it from becoming dry and stiff after you straighten it.
  3. Use ceramic plated irons: Ceramic plates protect your hair with negatively charged ions and helps keep your hair smooth.
  4. Use a deep conditioner: Once a month, treat your hair to some moisture! Your hair needs restoration if you frequently use heat on it, so letting a deep conditioner soak about 10 minutes on your strands once a month, then rinse and let your hair air dry.

Protecting your hair is so so important if you use hot tools often. The more you protect, the longer it will grow and the better it will look!

XOXO, Chels