I always get nervous when I straighten/curl my hair. I hate damaging it! I go through so much heat protectant because of my long thing hair. In order to keep your hair growing long and strong, you need to protect it from damage. The main thing that heat protectant does is moisturize your hair, so why not do it naturally? Here is how:Olive-oil

I did my research and found that coconut oil can actually work as a heat protectant! It is inexpensive, smells wonderful, and works! I usually put it on my hair when it is wet and then use a brush to evenly distribute it. Only use a little bit because it can make your hair a wee bit greasy if you use too much. It makes my hair so so so silky smooth! Also, after I use coconut oil as heat protectant on my hair and then straighten it, it stays straight ALL day! You can use other oils on your hair that work just as well as coconut oil in the “protectant” area! These oils are argan oil, shea butter, olive oil, and grape seed oil.

Using oils on your hair helps your hair replenish its natural oils, which is super healthy for your hair! Try these techniques and comment below and tell me how it goes!

I am enjoying healthy, moisturized hair, and you can too!

XOXO, Chels