Red lipstick is always a good idea! Wanting to dress up an outfit? Put on some red lipstick. Feeling a little sassy? Put on some red lipstick. Need a confidence boost? Put on some red lipstick. Red lips are surprisingly versatile, but you also need to know how to properly apply it before you dive right in! Here are the dos and don’ts.


  • Some prep work: If you want your lipstick to last, then exfoliate and hydrate them.
  • Keep your eyes simple: You want your look to be balanced, so lean towards a classic look like a smokey or cat eye when you are wearing red lips.2971-red-lips-art_1024x1024
  • Know your undertone: How do you choose your perfect shade of red? By knowing your undertone! Cool undertones look best with cool reds, and warm undertones look best with warm reds.


  • Skimp on lip liner: This step is too vital to skip! Liner helps define your lips and keeps your color from bleeding.
  • Be scared to layer: Layer your lip color and find new shades that you love! Instead of going out and buying a new lip color, layer colors you already have and see if they work for you!
  • Wear with bright colors: Just like we said earlier, you want to keep the rest of your makeup simple when you do red lips. Stay away from pinks, blues, greens, and other bold shades that will clash with your lips.

Now you are fully prepared to rock the socks off of red lipstick!

XOXO, Chels