Have you ever seen a girl with gorgeous eyes and thought “Man, I would love to have eyes like that.” Well now you can! Emphasize your natural eye color by wearing clothing that makes your eyes pop! Every single one of you has gorgeous eyes, so show them off!

1. If you have light blue/dark blue eyes:

If you have light baby blues, then the colors that will make your eyes pop are lilac and pastel pink. Throw on a lilac scarf or headband to make those eyes shimmer! If you have dark blue eyes, then gold and peach is the way to go. Wear a peach cardigan with some dark jeans to emphasize your eyes!download

2. If you have dark/light brown eyes:

If you have light brown lookers, then honey brown and green are the colors for you. Toss on a honey brown blouse to make those eyes sparkle! If you have dark brown eyes then olive green and camel brown are your colors. I absolutely love olive green, and I have dark brown eyes, so this works out perfect for me! I grab an olive green blazer and pair it with dark skinnies to make my eyes pop.chelsea crockett

3. If you have dark/light green or hazel eyes:

If you have pale green eyes then lavender and blue-gray clothing is the thing for you. Throw on a lavender headband or scarf! If you have dark green eyes then choose plum and peach clothing if you want to make your eyes sparkle. Try pairing plum-colored pants with a light peach top! Finally, if you have hazel eyes then the colors that will make your eyes dazzle are moss green and purple. To make your eyes look out of this world, wrap an olive green scarf around your neck and check out how gorgeous you look!chelsea crockett jeans

Now go show off those gorgeous lookers of yours, ladies!

XOXO, Chels