“Do you want to build a snowman”? If you are familiar with this phrase then you have seen the movie “Frozen”! I absolutely adore this movie, and I am even more obsessed with the hair and makeup that the characters wear in this movie! Queen Elsa has the most beautiful braid in her hair throughout the movie. I knew I just HAD to learn how to do this gorgeous hair style. Read on to learn how!

chelsea crockett elsa

This style requires a LOT of teasing! Before you start this hair style, loosely curl your hair so it has some body to it. Also, spray some dry shampoo throughout your tresses to give it texture. Tease all of your hair at the crown of your hair and even a little throughout the ends of your hair. Spray it lightly with hair spray. Take three large sections from the top of your head and start a French braid down the back. Once you get to about the nape of your neck, start to braid more to the side of your head so that it can hang over the front of your shoulder. Once you have finished the braid, tie it off with a clear elastic. Pull on the braid and stretch it to loosen it to make it look fuller and bigger. Also, pull some strands from the top of the braid and loosely curl them to make the style look whispy and romantic!

Go show off your new look! It is fit for a queen!

XOXO, Chels