I’m graduating. It still sounds weird to me. I’ve been working towards this day for 12 years and it is finally here! I’ve got my cap and gown, and now all I need is to choose my graduation day “look.” Because the red gown I have to wear isn’t the cutest, that means I have to step up my hair and makeup game. Here are my tips on graduation day makeup, so when you are walking across that stage and taking a million pictures afterwards you will look fab.

  1. Look like yourself: Don’t try something new with your makeup the day of graduation. Keep things natural and stick with your normal “look”, so that when you look back at pictures you don’t think “Man, I wish I wouldn’t have worn that much eyeshadow.” You will thank yourself later.3036288_fpx
  2. Use long-lasting products: May in most parts of the country means hot and sticky weather, so choose products that are meant to last through the heat. Use longwear foundation and a good primer and finishing spray.
  3. Blush it up: It is really important not to forget blush, even if it isn’t an “everyday” look for you. It will give your face a little color and brighten you up.
  4. Hydrate your lips: Keep a lip gloss or balm with you to keep your lips from cracking or flaking. Dry lips in photos = no bueno!

The key to grad day makeup is to make it look natural and like “you”, with a little more staying power than you usually use on an everyday basis because of humidity.

Congrats, grads!

XOXO, Chels