While watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year, I was hit with severe hair envy. Have you ever wanted hair that looks like it belonged on the Vicki’s Secret runway? Here is the inside scoop on how to get those beautiful waves that we love so much.

  1. Mousse: To get runway-level volume, apply a volumizing mousse to your roots. A fool-proof way to make sure your hair gets evenly coated, spray some mousse onto a brush and then comb through your strands.rs_634x951-151110125730-634-stella-maxwell-victorias-secret-backstage-ms-111015
  2. Dry right: Bow dry your hair until it is 80% dry, using your fingers to comb through it. Then, take a round brush if you have straight hair or a paddle brush if you have curly hair and smooth your hair. Make sure your nozzle is pointed downward so that your cuticles lay flat and don’t frizz.
  3. Pick out a part: After you are done drying your hair with your head flipped upside down, flip your head up again and where your hair naturally falls is the most flattering part for your face. Use the end of a comb to straighten the part out.
  4. Add extensions: This is optional and this step can definitely be skipped, but if you want a little length, you can clip in some extensions.
  5. Curl those strands: This is the fun part! To keep your curls from looking too uniform, use a larger curling iron and wrap sections around the barrel and away from your face. Then hold the barrel at a slight angle, this way you get volume at the root and the wave in the middle. Before you release your hair, close the barrel on the ends to give them a slight bend. To make the curls last all night, coil them up and pin them while they cool. Finish the style by spraying a boar-bristle brush with hairspray and brushing it through your curls to bring them together for a totally glam finish.

And that’s that! Now you know how to get runway-ready hair.

XOXO, Chels