There aren’t many hairstyles that can be both cute AND practical. Fortunately, buns can do just that. Recently I discovered the half bun, and my life is changed. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but I really love this hair style. It looks good during the day, on a night out, anywhere! Move over sock bun, half buns are the new craze! Here is how to make them work for any hair type and length:main.original.585x0

Short hair: If you have a “lob” or short hair you can make this bun work. Take a section of hair from each temple and pull your hair into a half-up high ponytail. After securing your hair with an elastic create a baby bun by bobby pinning sections of the ponytail around the hair tie.

Long hair: First you need to tie the top half of your hair up in a ponytail, much like the short haired ladies did. Make sure the pony is tight, but go back and gently tug the hair on top to give your crown a bit of volume. Tease the tail near the base to give your bun a fuller look. Twist your pony around the base of the elastic, secure it with bobby pins, and then adjust it to the shape you want.

Thin hair: For my thin haired ladies, putting half of your hair in a pony may sound like a bad bad idea. We can make it work! Curl your hair into loose waves, add some dry shampoo along your roots, and tease the sections of hair you will be putting in the bun. Pull your textured tresses into a half bun and secure!

Hard-to-style hair: If your hair has trouble holding any kind of style, work some texturizing powder through your strands to give it some grip. Make a tuck bun by pulling your hair through a hair tie twice and only pulling it halfway through the 3rd time. Leave the ends out for a texured look, and wrap the ends around the hair tie and secure for a more finished look!

Thanks to Cosmopolitan for the great half bun styling ideas! I love seeing how this hairstyle can work for every hair type, don’t you?

XOXO, Chels