Coloring your hair can be mighty pricy, especially for my blonde babes! When you get blonde highlights, they are hard to maintain and then you have to go to the salon and touch them up. In between salon visits, your blonde can start to get dull and fade. Here are some tips on how to keep your blonde as vibrant as possible!

  1. Color specific shampoo and conditioner: Color specific shampoo and conditioner can preserve your color and
    make it last longer.John-Frieda-Color-Renew-Tone-ccorrecting
  2. Purple shampoo: Yes, purple! The purple color actually helps make your blonde brighter. If your blonde turns a bit orangey or brassy, use this every other wash. It really does work wonders!
  3. Hair mask: If you want to deep condition and seal in your color, you can use a reviving mask. You can find these masks at Walmart or Walgreens! Use a mask a few times a month just to replenish the moisture to your hair and lock in the color.

Blonde babes, if you want to keep your color locked and loaded, use these tips above!

XOXO, Chels