Do you have thin hair and wish that you had thick hair? I have super thick hair, and I thank God every day for it. For girls who have thin hair, finding ways to do it it can sometimes be quite a chore. Having thick locks can open up your styling options quite a bit! Here are a few tricks to make fine hair look thick!

  1. Watch your conditioner. This is where a lot of products can weigh down your hair. Steer clear of anything that says “smoothing” and “hydrating” on the bottle because these products most likely have oils in them which keep your hair from gaining volume.chelsea crockett
  2. Blow drying. Your first step should be to spray your locks with heat protectant. Flip your hair upside down and blow dry it with a round brush. After the dampness is gone, flip your head back up and blow dry the rest in sections.
  3. Velcro Rollers are your best friend. I am in love with these babies. Set the front pieces of your hair in the velcro rollers and clip them in for around 20 minutes to get mega volume.
  4. Tease tease tease! Let the rollers out and lightly tease the parts of hair at the crown of your head.

If you have fine or thin hair, these tips will be a lifesaver! Try em out and comment below!

XOXO, Chels