Makeup can be a blast to apply, but it can also be a daunting task. You know that one friend who always has her makeup on fleek? The one we all wish we could be? Well, here is how you can make your makeup look like it was put on by a pro. Take that!

  1. Know the tools of the trade: Knowing what brushes are used when and for what purpose is a very useful skill. Also, knowing what products work best for your skin takes your makeup skills to the next level. Knowing what formulas and shades work for what part of your face is key. Good makeup and good brushes make a world of a difference!635890893849991243-169451396_tumblr_inline_nppl00BIsL1twqeu5_1280
  2. Contouring and highlighting are your friend: No matter how difficult they may seem. Knowing how to do it is essential for any makeup guru, even if you only do it on special occasions or when you feel like it. It can seem like it would be tough to learn, but practice = perfect!
  3. Blend up: When applying blush or bronzer, blend the powders up and out towards your hair line. It helps lift and lighten your face!
  4. Prep your lips: Use an old toothbrush to get the dead skin off of your lips and then use a good lip balm to moisturize them before using lipstick. This helps it stay on longer and also keeps your lips from flaking.
  5. Know your concealer: Use one that completely matches your skin tone, not one that is lighter or darker, to avoid the “raccoon” effect.
  6. Finish with powder…always: This is one of the most important steps in makeup application! Use a setting or finishing powder after you are done with your makeup to “set” the look. It helps your makeup to last longer and look softer.

Makeup should be fun and should make you feel fabulous! Practice using the right brushes and the right formulas for your skin and you will look like Kim K errryday. (Just kidding, don’t strive to be Kim K)

XOXO, Chels