Organizing your makeup stash can be fun, but also a bit overwhelming. Over the years, most of us accumulate a lot of beauty products. I get sent a lot of products to try, and keeping them all organized is quite the task. If you love makeup and beauty and have a pretty substantial collection, I have a few makeup organization tips to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. Here are my best organizational tips:

  1. Keep makeup brushes in drawers because they collect dust which can subsequently cause (1)
  2. Purchase a clear vanity organizer so that you can both store your makeup and keep it close so it is there when you need it. Also, makeup is pretty so this is a great way to both display and store it.
  3. Store eye and lip liners in a cup on your vanity so you won’t lose them somewhere in a drawer. Also, store them upside down so you can see the color stripe on the packaging so you can quickly determine what color they are.
  4. Go through your products regularly. If you aren’t using something, get rid of it! Also, check for expiration dates and throw away old stuff.
  5. Re-purpose household items to use on your vanity. Use old candle jars to hold things like lip glosses and eyeliners. It will save you money!
  6. If you need organization inspiration, look it up on YouTube! You will come away with so many ideas.
  7. If you have 2 of one product, put the duplicate in a travel bag so next time you go to travel you will already be one step ahead. This will also keep the duplicate product from cluttering up your drawer!

I love the feeling of being organized and having everything in a designated place, don’t you?

XOXO, Chels