Want to know some fab makeup tips that will help you achieve the perfect makeup for gorgeous photos? Read on! Here are some tips on how to make your makeup look the very best in pictures…Part 2!

 1. More is more: You know what washes you out like a snowman in January? A camera flash! The flash will wash out colors no matter what. Do not worry about putting too much blush or eye shadow on, the flash will even it out.

2. Blend: When talking about concealer, contouring, and eye shadow, the quality of your brushes is key. The camera flash will bring out those unblended edges and create a clown-like look, and unblended concealer highlights fine lines.

chelsea crockett

3. Mellow with yellow: When you are setting your makeup, go with a yellow powder rather than a translucent powder. Similar to SPF, translucent powders cast a

4. Au natural: Always apply makeup in natural light! It is the best way to tell how it will look when it is photographed.white glow when they are photographed.

5. Practice makes perfect: Do not the day of the pictures be the first time you try out these techniques. Trial runs are always essential to make the final look perfect!


I hope these tips help you to look fab in photographs! If you have any questions, comment below!

XOXO, Chels