Matte polish is so chic. Add matte top coat to any color and it instantly becomes 10x edgier. There are some really cool, really unique ways to wear matte polish! Want to rock this trend and show your edgier side? Stick around!

Matte French Manicure: This is a totally new spin on the traditional French Manicure. I love this look with black 2f22f3f6c29b4a30b5432b4912e411f4polish, but you can really do it with any polish of your choice. Just paint your nails whatever shade you prefer (I am going to use black for my example) and let the polish dry for a good long time. Once the polish is thoroughly dry, place a small piece of masking tape over the tip of your nail to cover it up. Then, paint matte polish over the rest of the nail. The covered portion will remain shiny while the rest will be matte, which creates the “French Manicure” look.

The “Accent” Nail: Paint all of your nails but one. Leave one nail as an “accent” nail. Paint all of your fingers but the accent nail in one shade, and then paint the matte polish over them. Paint your accent nail in a different color or paint it in glitter polish, and then cover it with regular shiny top coat. This look is unique and totally adorable! Great for making a statement.

Diagonal Polish: Paint all your nails in the color of your choice and let them dry thoroughly. After they are totally dry, cover each nail diagonally with a piece of tape. This process is similar to the matte French tip, but the style of nail is different. Once your tape is diagonally placed over half the nail, paint the other half matte. This is another edgy, unique way to rock matte nails!

Never knew there could be so many great ways to wear matte nails, didja?!

XOXO, Chels