We have already discussed the minimalist jewelry trend, so might as well hit minimalist makeup as well! Minimalist makeup is pretty much defined by the “natural” look. Like the minimalist jewelry trend, less is more. Here are three must-have products to pull off the minimalist makeup trend:NaturalBronzer_TEASER_0

  1. Mascara: a little mascara goes a long way! Mascara enhances your natural features, so it is the definition of all
    natural makeup.
  2. Lip color: even if it is just a little bit of color, it still adds a little something something to your look!
  3. Bronzer: bronzer adds definition to your face, and also helps to contour your cheeks. When you are wearing less makeup, you want to define your features.
  4. BB Cream: This stuff is a lot lighter than foundation, so it is more natural looking and feeling!

Want to try for a more natural look? Try the minimalist makeup trend!

XOXO, Chels