You know those girls that walk out of the gym with perfect hair? Like, not one strand is out of place or frizzy (ahem, Taylor Swift)? I envy them. After I work out, my hair is a sweaty mess! Especially after my intense crossfit workouts. Little did I know that working out/going to the gym can cause some serious hair damage. Now, don’t let that stop you from kicking butt in your next workout, we just need to learn how to treat our hair while, before, and after we exercise. This will do our strands a favor in the long run.

  1. Prep your hair before pumping iron: It may seem silly to spend time on your hair before you work out, I mean, it’s going to get messed up anyway. Right? But, spending a few seconds on your mane pre-workout is a must if you want great post-workout locks. Use dry shampoo on your roots before you work out to prevent excess moisture in your hair from sweat.
  2. Too-tight ponytail: If your ponytail is too tight it can be damaging your hair! Plus they can make dents in it and if you want to style it afterwards you can pretty much forget it. Try a loose, high bun for post-workout volume, or try a fishtail or another type of braid for loose waves after you take it out.
  3. Protect yo-self: If you work out outside, you need to protect your scalp from the sun. Scalp sunburns= the least fun you will ever have. My advice is to wear a cute running hat or ball cap when you exercise outside. Functional AND cute. Also, be gentle when brushing your hair post-workout. It can get pretty tangled when you’re getting your sweat on, so go easy on it to prevent damage.

If your goal is long, healthy hair, keep these tips in mind the next time you head to the gym.

XOXO, Chels