I love when people tell me “Wow, your hair smells AMAZING!” It gives me a little boost of confidence, and who doesn’t love smelling awesome?! I know that when I smell good, I feel good. Here is a little secret on how to have the best smelling hair around, so when people hug you or somehow get a wiff of your luscious locks, you are smelling like a fresh field of daises. (Or whatever your preferred scent is 🙂 )no-51

Grab your hair brush that you use every day. Clean the hair out of it (my least favorite thing in the whole wide world).
Then, spray your hair brush with your favorite perfume. It can be whatever scent you choose! Do you have a signature scent? After you have sprayed your brush, run it through your hair. This will give your locks a light but lovely scent.

Like I said, when I smell good I feel good. Try this sneaky trick out before going on a date, out to dinner, or even before you go to school! You will be smelling good alllll day long.

XOXO, Chels