If you are a runner or enjoy working out in the cold, you need to protect your skin from the chilly temps and wind! Your skin can be damaged by the sun and by windburn. Here are a few tips on how to protect your pretty complexion when heading out in the cold.

  • Cover your skin: Wear mittens, a scarf, a headband to protect your ears, and on really cold days, a face mask for your nose and cheeks!moisture
  • Say yes to sunscreen: Even if you are going to be out for a short time, always put on sunscreen before you go out. This protects your skin from both sun and windburn. Also, don’t forget chapstick, your lips can get sun and wind burned too.
  • Be prepared: Check the weather report before you go outside to workout. If the weather is super cold, plan to only stay out for a short time. Stick to slow-moving activities that won’t cause the wind to hit your face and give you windburn.

Keeping your skin damage-free is mega important, so be sure to follow these cold-weather skin tips!

XOXO, Chels