When I was in the first few years of high school my hair was crazy long. I loved it, but I wanted a change, so I cut it all off and tried a shoulder-length style. It was cute, but MAN did I miss my long hair! So, I started doing tons of research on how to grow my hair faster and stronger. Did you get a haircut that you hate or are you trying to grow out your locks? Here are the tips that helped me the most.

  1. Practice patience: Your hair won’t grow to mermaid length overnight, I am sorry to say. Hair only grows a quarter of an inch, a half inch at maximum, a month. And that is only if you keep it healthy and doesn’t have tons of split ends. This means that scissors are your friend! Getting regular trims will prevent those split ends. My hairdresser recommends getting an eighth of an inch trimmed off every 10-12 weeks.
  2. More conditioner, less shampoo: Coloring and heat styling our hair dries it out tremendously. Conditioner helps replace the proteins inside the hair shaft and seals the cuticle from damage. Deep conditioners a lifesaver, especially the oil based ones. Also, don’t shampoo every time you shower. Never skip conditioner, but skip shampoo as much as possible. I know that sounds weird! But shampoo washes away the good oils on our scalps. When you really do need to shampoo, be gentle with your strands and only lather up your scalp, not the ends.
  3. Be healthy: Your body requires many important nutrients to create new hair. Eating a balanced diet helps your hair grow strong, and so do supplements like biotin. Do your research and see if a supplement is right for you.
  4. Be gentle: Brush your hair from tip to root to avoid bringing tangles down the shaft. Also, brush your hair like it is made from glass, so super gently. Never wrap your hair in a towel turban to dry it. This breaks the hair and is rough on it! Also, at the end of every shower, rinse your hair with cold water. This helps the outer layer of the hair lay down smooth and prevents moisture loss and heat damage.

Hopefully these tips help you grow out your locks as much as they helped me!

XOXO, Chels