You know what makes any Valentine’s Day outfit so much cuter? An adorable mani. I feel so much more “put together” when my nails are done. Here are a few Valentine’s Day DIY manis that are sure to make any Vday ensemble pop!

  1. “Heart tipped”: In this mani all you need is red and clear nail polish. Paint two ovals in the shape of a heart on the tips of your nails for a unique mani that everyone will love!149367e278c445fcc53f023139e393af
  2. Pretty in pink: If you are a lover of pink and everything girly, then just paint all of your nails with a soft pink and then paint pink glitter on one nail for a little pazazz. Super simple, yet super adorable!
  3. Tiny hearts: If you are a subtle lovin girl, then paint all of your nails red except for your ring finger nail, which you will paint white. Then, on the finger with the white, paint a small red heart. This manicure is so simple, yet so cute!

So remember, when you are in “Valentine’s Day prep” mode, don’t forget to do your nails up real nice!

XOXO, Chels