Thank heavens for eyeshadow primer. I went out of town last weekend and forgot mine and was lost without it. Not only does primer make your shadow go on smooth and bright, it also helps it last all day long. As it turns out, eyeshadow primer doesn’t have to be used just on our eyes. It has multiple purposes that can work on other parts of our face!

  1. Under your eyes: Eyeshadow primer used under the eyes can help our concealer to stay on longer and prevents it from creasing.
  2. On your brows: Sometimes after a long day I will catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and will notice that my brow powder has smudged and my brows look “yikes.” Take a small amount of
    primer and wipe it through your brows, let it dry, and then put on your brow product. You will have perfect brows all day!
  3. On pimples: Pimples never like to stay covered up by concealer and foundation. Dabbing a bit of eye primer on top of them before concealer and foundation can ensure these spots stay covered all day!

Who knew eyeshadow primer was so versatile?

XOXO, Chels