I have a pair of black suede wedges that I absolutely adore. The only problem with them? They are a half size too big! When I walk in them my feet slide out and I look like I am walking on a waterbed I am so unsteady! I was so upset when I realized that they were too big, so I did some research! Here is how to make shoes that are too big fit just right!


The first thing you need to do is fill the space where your foot should be. For me, the heal is where I struggle. My gosh darn feet won’t stay in my darn shoes! Fill the gap between your heel and the shoe with Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief Strips, which come on a roll like Scotch tape but have a thick, cushiony feel. You can find these at any drug store! Another way is to wear cushions on the shoes where the balls of your feet should be. These will jack you up a bit chelsea crockettand keep your feet cozy for long wear! If you are wearing shoes that will be covered by pants, then just throw on an extra pair of socks…or two..:) Sometimes, if you are wearing a dark pair of tights, you can get away with wearing a dark pair of ankle socks under your tights.  A cheap way to make your shoes fit, shove a few cotton balls in the toes of your shoes!


Hopefully these tips help you slip into your favorite pair of too-big shoes!

XOXO, Chels