Are you thinking about changing up your locks this summer? Then you may want to know which hair color best suits who you are, so you can tell people a little bit about yourself with your hair color.

  1. Redheads are feisty, but creative: Redheads are often seen as having fiery tempers! Although this isn’t always the case, scientists have confirmed that read heads do tend to exhibit more passionate, explosive behavior. imagesThey also tend to be very head strong, and when they want something, they get it!
  2. Blonds are fun and outspoken: You know the phrase β€œblondes have more fun”? Researchers agree! They also say that this hair color can really make a woman feel like she has the attention of others and is being seen. They say that blondes are confident!
  3. Brunettes are hardworking and responsible: Brunettes are often seen as good, smart, and reliable. I am a brunette, so I am down with that!

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