I have always been told to NEVERRR sleep with my hair up because it can cause breakage and for the hair to be brittle. I sleep in braids sometimes to wake up with wavy hair, and sometimes I go to bed with damp hair and wake up with awkward waves and flat spots. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping with your hair in a bun is actually pretty beneficial. dsc_0171Here is why!

Sleeping in a loose bun will prevent your hair from getting those awkward waves and flat spots mentioned above. It also helps prevent your locks from getting all tangled and frizzy while you sleep because it isn’t rubbing against your pillowcase. Also, sleeping with your hair in a bun can add a bit of extra volume and curl if you add texture cream to your damp locks before tossing them in a topknot and going to sleep. When you wake up you will have loose waves and volumized hair. It’s easier than sleeping in braids because it takes less time!

I may have to start sleeping in a bun! Will you be trying this out?

XOXO, Chels