Sometimes I get in a super crafty mood! I found this really cute idea that involves a Sharpie and a light bulb! Stick around to find out about this sweet DIY!


So the cool thing about this craft is that when you are finished, the design that you draw onto the light bulb will be projected onto the wall when you light it up! You can look up cool designs or just think of some on your own. You can even use different colored Sharpies if you want the bulb to look funky when it is not lit! In the picture featured, you can see an example of a cool design you can try. Once you are finished with your bulb, screw it into your favorite lamp, take the lamp shade off, turn out your lights, and enjoy the pattern that the bulb projects all around your room!

Try it out and comment below if you love it!

XOXO, Chels