Everyone has old things they just throw away when they’re too vintage or simply old and rundown like a piece of furniture, clothing, etc. The amount of DIYs that are possible from these things is endless… You just have to find the right one for your outdated item!

  1. Old sweaters and t-shirts are always reusable. Maybe not wearable, but try turning them into a t-shirt quilt or maybe a sweater infinity scarf. Certain DIYs don’t take a lot of time but the results are great! There are tons of different options, you just have to look for them!Chelsea Crockett - DIY Key
  2. Old keys that aren’t needed anymore can make for a great necklace. Including the actually necklace chain itself, those two items are basically all you need! You can even decorate it different ways like the picture on the right.
  3. Old maps can have a lot more potential than you think. Pieces of furniture such as a lamp, canvas, etc. can be a perfect place to use it! Depending on the piece of furniture, you can papier-mâché the map onto it! You can look up several different recipes to do so.

Let me know how yours turns out! 🙂 -Chels