I don’t know about you, but I love decorative maps and the vintage feel they give off!  Just the pattern itself is one of my favorites whether it be room décor, phone cases, pillows, etc.  There are tons of different map DIYs that you can easily make into the cutest things!  Especially if you like to travel, you should try out these super cute DIYs!Chelsea Crockett - Pinned Map

Like I mentioned before, for the travelers out there, this one is for you!  You’ll need to purchase wooden letters that spell out the world “travel.”  Buy them in the right size according to where you’re putting them whether it be on your wall, desk, etc.  There are different ways to actually apply the map pattern to it either with map scrapbooking paper, decoupage, etc.  You can hang your letters or get thick ones that will stand up on a table or desk.

Another DIY that’s a little simpler is purchasing a big wall map and attaching it to a foam board.  Since these maps are usually thicker and hard to simply glue it yourself, you can take it to Hobby Lobby or another craft store to do it for you.  Then, buy some pushpins and stick them on the cities that you’ve been to!  It’s a fun way to see how many places around the world/country you’ve gone to!  

Which DIY are you going to try out for yourself?  Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things and customize it even more!