As teenagers, we take a ton of pictures. At least I do! Everywhere I go I make sure to capture the moment, whether it be my last senior homecoming or traveling across the country. I love displaying all the pictures I take in my room in different, creative DIY ways. Here are 3 of my favorites you can use for your own room or dorm!

I’m sure you’ve all seen this idea. All you need is some string and clothespins (and if you have a Polaroid, even better!). Hang the string across your wall and dangle different pictures on it with clothespins! You can make it however you want, whether you want your pictures in black and white or using Christmas light instead of string. If you have a Polaroid, hang your Polaroids instead of normal pictures!

Have you ever seen a DIY Instagram wall? I love them! Depending on how big you want to make it, you’ll need several mini, 4×4 white frames (you can Chelsea Crockett - Instagram Wallchange your frame sizes and colors if you prefer). However many frames you have, you’ll need to have the same number of pictures. Pick your favorite Instagram photos and develop them the size you need to fit inside the frames. Walgreens is the perfect place to do this; they have an app that lets you order them immediately! Arrange them like the picture on the left and you’re done! P.S. You can even ditch the frames for a simpler, and not to forget cheaper, look.

My last DIY idea is a picture clock! Take 12 different sized picture frames and pick your favorite photos to go in each. Arrange them in a circle completed with hands to tell the time in the middle. You can buy these at a wide variety of craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Let me see how your wall décor turns out! – Chelsea