When I am at the gym or out an about, I see girls wearing adorable, cut-up t-shirts. They cut cute designs into the back of the shirts or they make the t-shirt into a tank top or crop top. There are so many adorable styles that you can transform your t-shirt into, but today we are going to explore the “bow back” style.

First, you need to locate a t-shirt. This shirt can be an old camp T-shirt that could use a little remodeling, or it could diy-tee-instructionsbe a shirt from your favorite sport’s team that you just want to spruce up a bit. The first step is to lay the shirt out face down
on a flat surface. Next, take a good scissors and cut the collar out of the shirt. Don’t discard the fabric that you cut off of the collar, because you will use it later. Next, draw to horizontal lines, about 4″-6″ apart on the back of your tee. The lines should stop at least a few inches away from the sides of the tee. Cut along the lines. Take the piece of material you saved from the neck and wrap it around the center of the strip of fabric that you created with the cuts above. Add a dab of glue to secure the ends of the ribbing together to create a circle. The back of your shirt should now look like there is a giant bow in the middle!

I love this sweet shirt! It is so cute and flirty. Are YOU going to try this on one of your old T-shirts?

XOXO, Chels

I got the idea and pictures HERE.