How many of you lovely Insiders love to travel? I am a travel queen. I love to travel, from LA to New York City. I found a super cool way to document all of your travels that is super artsy, but also really creative. Here is what you do…33bcd46da1910d313d1f67145261cddf

Do your parents or grandparents have a globe? If your family doesn’t have a spare world globe laying around the house,
stop by your neighborhood goodwill or thrift store! Once you have your globe, map out all of the places in the world that you have been. Once you have marked all of the places you have traveled, take a drill and drill a hole in all of the spots you have marked. Next, place a light bulb inside of the globe. Plug your light bulb in and watch the magic. The more places you go, the more your globe will light up! Turn off the lights in your room and use the globe as a night light. It also makes a great conversation piece, because you can show people all of the places you have traveled!

What is your favorite place that you have traveled? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels