If you can’t already tell from my Instagram account, I really love taking pictures!  It can be hard finding enough space on your desk or dresser for picture frames; plus, they usually only hold one picture!  If you have a lot or a little wall space, check out how you can easily make your own photo studio!

Start by purchasing a slab of magnet, scrap booking paper and a picture frame.  Cut the magnet and scrap booking paper so it fits in the picture frame.  Leaving the glass in or out, place the pattern scrap booking paper face down and the magnet in the frame before securing it.  Hang the frame on your wall and, using small magnets, hang as many pictures as you want!

Another way to hang pictures is to buy an empty frame, twine, and clothes pins.  Take the glass and backing out of the frame and start stringing twine across the frame, securing it with super glue or staples.  Do this from the back of the frame so it stays hidden.  Using clothes pins, hang the pictures across the twine!  Hang your frame on the wall and display your pictures for all to see!Chelsea Crockett- hanging photos with twine

Happy DIY!