Once you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans, you never want to purchase another brand or material type of jean ever again! So what if you’ve found the perfect pair, but they don’t come distressed (washed out, holes)?  No problem!  By purchasing the same pair, you can distress them yourself!  It’s super easy and is actually fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sand paper
  • Ridged rocks
  • Small block of wood

Start by choosing where you want to distress your jeans. You can distress them down the front, making the color lighter, or choose all over locations to createChelsea Crockett- distressing denim holes.  Once you’ve chosen where to place the first hole, slide the block of wood in your jeans so that it separates the front and back side of the material.  Rub the sand paper or rock against the material until it looks how you like!  It might take a little for you to see results, but don’t give up!  If you do it lightly, you’ll just lighten the color of the jeans if they are dark.  If you do it longer, a hole or fray will start to form!  Do this wherever you like to complete your look!

Who knew destroying a pair of jeans could be so easy and yet, so fashionable?!