Whether you’re living in a dorm, apartment, or you’re still at home, everyone can use a little more space when it comes to bathroom storage.  Especially if you’re in college, living the dorm life can leave you with minimal bathroom space.  I came up with a few DIYs you can use when it comes to bathroom storage that are both cute and helpful… That way, you get the best of both worlds!

  • DIY Mason Jars.  Mason jars are some of my favorite things to use as organizers.  They give off a vintage feel and you can decorate them to match your room, bathroom, etc.  You can use paint and fun tape to customize them yourself!  Chelsea Crockett - Magnetic Organizer
  • Multiple Hook Towel Rack.  When there’s only one or two hooks to hang your towels on, you can run into some trouble, especially if you share a bathroom with others.  Get a rack to mount on your wall or door to keep each other’s towels apart and dry!
  • Plastic containers.  Don’t underestimate the power of plastic containers!  There are tons of different plastic bins and containers to separate and organize your bathroom stuff in.  You can even purchase stackable ones and label whose is whose!
  • Wall cup organizer.  Organizers like the featured image above are super handy and not to mention so cute!  I suggest using your walls to your advantage.  Only storing things in your bathroom drawers or cabinets can get cluttered and unorganized!
  • Magnetic organizers.  These things are lifechanging and I didn’t even know they existed!  The picture on the right shows different magnetic organizers you can mount on your wall.  They make it easy to keep things separated and easy to find!

I hope these help you organize your bathroom better!