Blanket scarves are my new obsession. They are huge, chunky scarves that could literally pass as a blanket. The only problem with my obsession? Blanket scarves are mucho expensive. My favorite one from Zara is 42$! Aint nobody got money for that! So, I used my noggin and came up with a solution to my conundrum. Here is how to make your very own blanket scarf!74295fc6e466b4bab6627ad9c73b6ce3

  1. Purchase 2-2.5 yards of flannel fabric. I got mine at Joanneā€™s fabric store, but you can sometimes find it at Walmart or any other fabric store!
  2. Using the patterned flannel edge as a guide, trim the edges of each side of your scarf.
  3. Grab the loose threads on the side and pull them down gently, fraying the edges of the scarf. Keep doing this until there are no loose threads and you have a nicely frayed edge. Repeat on each side of the scarf. The frayed edges add a nice rustic flare to the scarf, but if you want a more clean cut look then leave the edges un-frayed.

I cannot wait to make a whole truckload of these babies! Will YOU be trying out this cozy DIY?

XOXO, Chels