Are you ready for you mind to be blown?! Mine totally is. I saw a tutorial on how to make lipstick out of crayons and I knew I just had to share it with all of you! Now you can make lipstick in every color imaginable with just TWO ingredients! Here’s how:

All you need is coconut oil, Crayola crayons, and some containers to put your homemade lipstick in. You can clean out old lipstickmakeup containers and use ‘em! Choose the color that you would like to use and then remove the wrappers from the crayons. Break the crayons into about 4 pieces. Put a glass jar in the center of a pot and add water to the pot. Don’t get any water in the jar! Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil to the jar and put it on the stove. Warm it up slowly. Once the coconut oil has melted all the way, add your crayon. Add 1 piece of crayon per teaspoon. You can even mix and match colors and create your own shade! If you add too much crayon the lipstick it will be a little dry, and if you don’t add enough it will be sheer and glossier.  Play around with it!

This recipe is totally safe, too. Most lipsticks are made with petroleum which comes from oil, and crayons are made for children and are non-toxic. No worries!

Now go have fun mixing and matching colors to create your very own lipstick!

XOXO, Chels