There’s so many times that I want to simply show how much I love and appreciate my best friends for all they’ve done for me.  Especially at this point in my life, all my friends and I are going our separate ways for college.  If you’re in the same boat, or simply want to do something special for your BFFs, here are a few DIY gifts you can surprise them with!

  • Friendship bracelets are not overrated!  They might be the basic BFF gift but you can put your own spin on it! Chelsea Crockett - Gift Basket Depending on where you live, there are tons of places and stores that can engrave whatever you want onto a bracelet or necklace.  Maybe add your initials or you can your friend’s favorite Bible verse!
  • For this DIY, you’ll need to develop your favorite picture of you and your best friend.  You’ll need to buy a matted frame that you can write on from a craft store like Hobby Lobby.  Think of quotes or sayings that you and your friend like and write them all over the frame with a Sharpie!
  • Each of my best friends and I have certain foods or specific places we like to go, and of course lots of inside jokes.  Buy a cute basket and fill it with your guys’ favorite snacks, gift cards to your favorite places, or any funny things that remind you of her!  I also suggest getting a card to write a heartfelt message whatever the occasion may be!

I hope your BFF enjoys whatever wonderful DIY you decide to create! 🙂

Love, Chelsea