I have to admit, the majority of makeup removers burn my skin. They sting when I go to wipe my makeup off at night and are packed with harmful chemicals. Plus, they can get pretty pricey! Here are 3 diy makeup removers that are easy on your skin and on your wallet.

Number 1:

  • Ingredients: Olive oil, baby shampoo and wash (tear free), waterimages (4)
  • Combine ½ tbsp of baby shampoo and ¼ tsp olive oil in a mason jar, then add ½ cup of water. Shake it up before use, then use a cotton swab to apply it.

Number 2:

  • Ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp canola oil, 1 capsule vitamin E.
  • Combine ingredients, break the capsule and add in the vitamin E (it has great healing properties), and shake it all together! Again, apply with a cotton swab.

Number 3:

  • Ingredients: 2 tbsp witch hazel, 2 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp water
  • Combine ingredients and shake well before using. Like the ones above, use a cotton swab to apply.

Hopefully these formulas give you some makeup-removing options to choose from!

XOXO, Chels