Just a friendly reminder…MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING SOON! And if you are like me and have a super awesome momma, you want to get her something she will adore! The great thing about moms is that they love almost anything that their children get for them! They especially love gifts made by their children! Here are 3 DIY Mother’s Day gifts that your madre is sure to love.

  1. Dry erase magnetic to-do list: moms always have a million and one things to do. My mom has lists all over the place, telling her what she needs to buy at the store, what time our sports practices are, what she needs to get done for the day, all that jazz! This magnetic dry erase list is perfect because she can erase everything she has gotten done so she just sees what she needs to do! All you need is a cheap picture frame, some cute paper, magnets, and a dry erase marker! Attach the magnets to the back of the frame with some glue, put the cute paper into the frame, and you are done! She can write all of her to-dos on the glass of the frame.
  2. Ombre wooden spoons: If your momma likes to cook, then she will love this idea! Go out and buy a set of woodenchelsea crockett wooden spoons spoons and paint the handles different shades of her favorite color.
  3. Colorful spray painted cans: Your momma can store pens, pencils, utensils, anything she wants in these chic cans! Put a bow around them and fill them with her favorite candy when you give them to her! She can even plant her favorite flowers in them!

Shoe your momma how much you love her with these sweet DIY gifts!

XOXO, Chels