Creativity and coffee…two of life’s greatest gifts! We combine them for today’s blog post. Drinking out of a cute mug makes whatever you’re drinking taste so much better. So, today I am going to introduce you to the easiest DIY coffee mug ever. All you need is a plain white coffee mug, a Sharpie marker or two, a pencil, tape, and your favorite quote to make today/s DIY happen. These mugs make great gifts, or a great accessory for YOU!


  • Sharpies
  • Pencilc7603bf96bd7c44a_photo_6.xxxlarge_2x
  • Tape
  • Design/Quote
  • White Mug

I went online and designed a cute quote on Photoshop, then printed it off. You can even use Microsoft Word to type out what you want on your mug and then print it out! Cut around the quote with a scissors and then take a pencil and shade the back of the quote. Shade really well because you will be transferring the pencil onto the mug. Tape the quote to the mug, and then trace the letters, making sure to press firmly so the pencil on the back of the quote transfers onto the mug. Take the paper off of the mug and then fill in your outline that you transferred with Sharpie. Let your mug sit for 24 hours, then bake it at 350 for 15 minutes. DONE!! Now you have an adorable homemade mug that you can be totally proud of.

Ps. Never wash these in the dishwasher, it may cause the marker to wear off quicker. 🙂


Happy mug-making!

XOXO, Chels