Who agrees that when you look cute when you work out you feel better and work harder? I know I do! When I wear cute clothes to workout I feel better about my workout. Do you have an old t-shirt that is shoved in the back of your drawer screaming “don’t forget about me!”? Take that poor shirt out, and transform it into a cute workout shirt with me!

chelsea crockett workout shirt1. Find an old t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up. Lay it out flat on the floor. Cut the bottom hem off of the shirt and also cut the hem of the collar off. Lay these pieces to the side.

2. Cut the sleeves off of the shirt so that it looks like a tank top. In other words, leave about a two inch wide strap.

3. Turn the shirt over so that the back is facing you. Pull the back of the tshirt straps together and wrap the extra strip you got by cutting the bottom hem off of the shirt around them. It should look like this when you are done:

4. Secure the wrapped straps together.

Viola! Now you have a cute shirt to go work your booty off in!

Get your sweat on, ladies!

XOXO, Chels