I saw a picture of an adorable pair of Kate Spade sneakers the other day. Then I took a look at the price. Yikes!! If you have an old pair of white sneakers and a Sharpie, then you can get the look for wayyyy cheaper. Here is how I transformed my drab shoes into fab shoes!

  1. Locate a dime, a Sharpie, a pencil, and your sneakers. Use the dime and pencil to trace the polka dots onto the sneakers. I set a picture of the Kate Spade sneakers in front of me so that I could try and replicate the pattern as closely as I could.
  2. Take your Sharpie and trace the pencil circles with it. Then fill the dots in with the Sharpie. Make sure that the Sharpie is a thick Sharpie so that you can fill the dots in quicker.

chelsea crockett shoes

See how easy that was?! And cheap too! You can get the “Kate Spade” look without spending a ton of money! Do you think these shoes are cute? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels