When summer comes around, I sometimes have an urge to go blonde. Not totally blonde, just blond-er. The problem is that highlights are pretty pricey, and who has time for a trip to the salon when there is so much fun to be had in the summer months? If you want your hair to have a beachy, sun-kissed look this summer, here is the natural way to do so!

  1. Create your own salt spray: Mix a bit of salt with water, spray it on your hair (which opens the cuticle), and then go lay in the sun. This will fade your hair into a lighter color.images (1)
  2. Grab some lemon juice: Before heading out into the sun, add some lemon juice to your strands. The acid in the juice opens your cuticle, same as the salt water example above, leaving it open to the sun’s rays.
  3. Mix lemon and orange: If you are going for more golden, subtle highlights, mix orange and lemon juice together and do the same steps as above.

These DIY highlight concoctions are so easy to make, and fun to implement! Spray stuff on my hair, then go lay in the sun? Easy peasy.

XOXO, Chels