DIYs are my specialty! I love doing them on a rainy day with my friends or when I simply don’t have anything else to do. My favorite DIYs are the ones that don’t take much to make them. Especially when they’re crafty and creative, but inexpensive and quick! Here’s one of my recent favorites that you can create for your dorm or bedroom!

Depending on how you want your masterpiece to look, you’ll need five or six pillowcases (or if your pillowcases are big like the picture on the left, you simply may Chelsea Crockett - Pillowcase DIYonly need four).  You’ll need a sewing kit and the same amount of pillows as pillowcases (obviously!). This DIY is actually extremely simple! All you have to do is line up your pillowcases horizontally parallel to each other and sow them together one-by-one. After you’re done sewing, stuff in your pillows. It’s actually that easy! I love all the different ways you can make them. You can either do the same patterned pillowcase such as the picture above or switch it up and do different patterns and colors! I suggest matching it to your dorm or bedroom. Whenever your friends spend the night, all you have to do is pull it out! I suggest storing it under your bed to save space.

Let me know how yours turns out :)!

Love, Chels