There are a few things that every college girl needs in her closet. They are statement items that are total necessities when it comes to college fashion. If you are in college, then check out this list of items that you simply must have in your closet in order to keep it classy and fashion-forward on campus!

  1. Ballet flats: These are simple, classic, and can be worn with anything.Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 9.21.29 PM
  2. Go-to pair of jeans
  3. Assorted button downs: Anything from plaid to denim to solid colors. The more the merrier! They’re perfect for layering.
  4. Pea coat
  5. Sweaters and cardigans
  6. Scarves: Lots and lots of em!
  7. Pearl studs
  8. Statement watch
  9. Cute rain boots: Every girl needs a pair of cute rain boots. You gotta be prepared for anything!
  10. Maxi dress

If you have these items in your closet then you are prepared for anything! You will be the best dressed, most prepared girl on campus! In college, it can sometimes be a struggle to dress nice to school because you are tired and have a million things to do, but this trusty list will make it easy to keep your style in check!  I know when I am in college I will follow this handy list!

XOXO, Chels