Hey everyone!

            Several popular trends from last year revolve around old fashioned styles such as high waisted shorts and big, chunky jewelry.  Not only trends and styles are making their way back into the 2000s, but other old fashioned things, as well.  Keep on reading to find out what’s here to make its comeback in 2014!

                Usually big, square glasses would be considered nerdy, but it seems they have made their mark as a trend recently!  If you want a more “hipster” feel, I definitely would consider checking them out next time you’re in need of some glasses.  If you’ve got perfect vision, you can grab a fake pair at Claire’s for only a few dollars!

            Chelsea Crockett - Record PlayerAs teenagers, we all have a picture phone or a digital camera.  Back in the day, Polaroid cameras were the “best new thing.”  They’ve now started to make their way back into the picture.  If you’re into photography, you can buy them at Urban Outfitters or sometimes even find a steal at a garage sale!  They take super cool pictures and develop them immediately for you to hang or frame. 

            Another old fashioned thing that Urban Outfitters sells is a record player.  They also have records of up-to-date artists such as Mumford & Sons and John Mayer.  They give off a vintage feel and are a fun accessory to your room!  Make sure you check em’ out!