2014 was a year full of fun, stylish trends. Whether it was a crop set outfit with a pair of knee-high boots or edgy DIY shorts and converse, this year’s trends are sure to top even the cutest of 2014. So, what’s going to be hot (or not!) in the New Year? Here are a few predictions made by fashion magazines and icons across the planet!

Chelsea Crockett - Suede JacketAccording to Vogue, suede should be making a killer comeback! This material is different from most, with its warm, fuzzy cloth. It has a vintage look to it that’s classy and mature like the jacket on the left! Another look that is expected to pop up in the spring, is dark denim. Jean, jean, and more jean! Keep an eye out and you might just notice it in every fashion magazine :)!

Indy style was huge last year. Now the Bohemian style is making its mark! Colorful patterns and bright colors are great for the summer. Layering jewelry such as dangle necklaces and bracelets is another fashion statement brought from 2014 to ’15. So cute!

According to Glamour, one-shoulder shirts and dresses are coming back into the fashion world for spring and summer. Soon they’ll be in almost any store at the mall :)! Colors such as army green and yellow are both expected to be seen on the runways throughout the year.

So… pay attention to your fashion magazines and style blogs and you might just see these trends when you least expect it!

XOXO – Chels