As fall rolls around, you may start to mourn having to pack away your summer wardrobe. But don’t fret! There are 3 fall trends that you can totally rock using your summer clothes! I will explain.

Style #1: Maxi & booties with a jean jacket. Don’t be sad that you have to put away that totes adorbs maxi dress! You don’t have to with this trend! Just pair your favorite maxi dress with a pair of fall booties and a jean jacket and viola! Instant fall fashion!

Style #2:  Striped tee, high waisters , and a sweater with ankle booties. Remember those high waisted shorts we just love? Well you can wear them even in the fall with this trend! Just toss on a chic striped tee, pull on your favorite pair of denim high-waisters, and slip on some ankle booties! Shrug on a neutral cardigan over your striped tee to complete the look.chelsea crockett high waisted shorts

Style #3: Floral dress , leather jacket, tights and booties. Want the perfect mix of grunge and girly? Try this trend! Take your favorite floral sundress from this summer and grab your go-to leather jacket to go with it. Pair it with a pair of tights and booties and off you go!chelsea crockett floral sundress

See? You don’t have to put away all of your favorite summer pieces, you can take them with you into the fall fashion season. I hope these suggestions work for you!

If you have any other ideas on how to take pieces from your summer wardrobe and make them work with fall fashion, comment below!

XOXO, Chels