Everywhere I turn, swimsuits are being advertised in every store, magazine, and website! That officially means goodbye to winter and hello to warm weather! There are tons of different styles to choose from, but there are three that are at the top of the charts for summer 2016!

High neck swimsuits are super stylish and comfortable! When I first saw this type of suit, I was worried about tan lines and how it would look after a long day in the sun. Instead, I bought one for nightChelsea Crockett - Triangl swims, waterparks, or hot tub nights! They’re more secure and comfortable then a normal bikini which is perfect for a day on waterslides.

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of different fabrics of swimsuits, and they’re so cute! Some stores have been selling crocheted bikini tops or wetsuit material sets. They’re different than the basic bikini! The brand Triangl is known for their unique material used in making their swimsuits (like the ones on the left!). They resemble a wetsuit so they’re stretchy and flexible!

I love wearing one-pieces. A lot of the time, they’re my go-to swimwear! They’re easy, comfy, and give off a modest look. A lot of one-pieces have a fun twist to them, maybe it’s a unique pattern, cutouts, or the type of material. All you have to do is look for one that’s your style! Once I found some that worked for me, I fell in love with one-pieces!

XOXO – Chelsea