Sooner than later, the leaves will be changing and the temperatures will be dropping.  That being said, some fall wardrobe updating will need to be done!  There are lots of new trends to be aware of this upcoming season.  Different materials, patterns, and looks are going to make their statement in a month or two.  Keep reading to find out how you can be up-to-date!Chelsea Crockett - Long Line Vest

  1. Instead of puffy or fleece vests, try rocking a long-line vest like the one on the right!  They’re much more stylish and can be dressed up or dressed down!
  2. Although army jackets are super cute, try wearing a bomber jacket instead.  They have a much more retro feel to them and come in many different colors and patterns!  This is one of my favorite trends going into fall 2016.
  3. I have tons of dresses that I love to wear especially in autumn, but one trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere is suede dresses.  I love the material and the look it gives off!
  4. Instead of layered or chunky necklaces, don’t be afraid to be simple with chokers!  There are so many different kinds.  You can get a tan suede double stranded choker or a thick black stranded one, whatever you want!

Which fall trend will you be rocking this season?  Let me know below! 🙂

XO – Chels