Hey girls!

            Boots are the best shoes to own during the winter.  Whether outside is snowy, rainy, or freezing cold, you’ll need a good pair of boots to keep you warm and dry.  There are five types in particular that are a must-have in your closet. 

  1. Rain boots.  Chelsea Crockett - Hunter Rain BootsThese boots are perfect for not only rain, but snow, too.  Hunter rain boots are some of the best quality rain boots you can buy.  Although they’re more expensive than regular boots, they come in all different colors and styles.
  2. Combat boots.  These boots have definitely made their mark as a HUGE trend in the past year.  You can find combat boots in every shoe store from DSW to Payless.  They’re just what you need to spice up any outfit.
  3. UGGs.  UGGs are the perfect kind of boots to throw on with a pair of leggings and an over-sized sweater.  If UGGs are out of your price range, try checking out the brand Bear Claw or even Target for some look-a-like boots.
  4. Riding boots.  Riding boots are the perfect type of shoe to pair with a cute jacket and skinny jeans.  The fun thing about these boots is that you can either dress them up or dress them down to go with any outfit!
  5. Heeled Boots.  Since heels and sandals aren’t the best choice to wear in the winter, you have to have a backup pair of shoes to rock with your dresses!  Heeled boots are a super cute substitute for sandals during the cold seasons!

         Which type of boot do you prefer?  Let me know below!


Interested in checking out a few of these boots?  Look here:http://tiny.cc/Hunter_RainBoots, http://tiny.cc/Combat_Boots, http://tiny.cc/UGG_Boots